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TradeUp finances your education, so you can focus on learning.
The best part? You don’t pay back a cent until you land a great job.

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TradeUp invests in your future with ISAs! We’re with you every step of the way.

Instead of traditional loans, we offer a new type of financing called an Income Share Agreement (or ISA). Unlike a loan, you only pay back income share agreements if you land a job!

TradeUp is invested in your education, your job search, and your future. From interview help and resume reviews to dedicated career success managers, we'll work with you to make sure you’re prepared for your next career. We only succeed when you do.

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Just a few of the benefits our ISAs offer:

No Job, No Payments

If you don’t land a job making above your salary floor, your payments drop to zero. Payments also adjust with your income to stay affordable when you are employed.

Never Pay Too Much

Even if you land your dream job, there's a limit on how much you’ll pay back. Our ISAs have a hard cap, and after you hit it, your ISA is over!

Fixed Payment Period

Unlike a loan, ISAs don't go on forever. Once your ISA period is over, or you've made a set number of payments your ISA is over!

No Co-signers Required

You don’t need a credit score, co-signer, or collateral to apply. TradeUp evaluates applications on your future potential, not your past.

Deferred Payments

ISAs have built in protection if you need to stop working. If you have an emergency or get laid off, payments are paused automatically. No fees and no penalties.

No Accruing Interest

ISAs have no interest and a fixed repayment. That means that, unlike student loans, the amount you owe doesn't increase over time.

Here's how it works!

Applications are easy and fast!

Apply online in less than 10 minutes

Our application is fast and simple. You can apply to a specific program, or you can browse our programs to find one that’s right for you. Not sure what career is best for you? Use our live chat feature to chat with a career counselor.

Get accepted and get your terms!

Our typical acceptance time is 2-4 business days, but you could be accepted within an hour! Once you get accepted to your program of choice and to TradeUp’s ISA program, you’re ready to start your training. Your tuition will be sent directly to your school.

Get your accepted and get your terms.
Get your accepted and get your terms.

Get a great education,
pay only when you land a job!

TradeUp is invested in you, since we only make money once you get a job. That means that we vet our schools to make sure they provide you with a quality education. All of our partner schools provide top notch training that will help you to secure a job after graduating.

Land a job
and start repayment

Your payments only start once you land a job and are making above the salary floor specified in your ISA. That’s the “income share” in Income Share Agreements! If you lose your job, or your salary drops below the threshold, your payments are deferred automatically, no fees, no penalties.

Get accepted and get your terms.