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Finance Your Trade
Education, Pay Nothing
Until You Land A Job.

TradeUp finances your education while you train for a new career. Instead of loans, we use income share agreements which means you don’t pay us back until you land a job!

Applying does not impact your credit score
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What are Income
Share Agreements?

Income Share Agreements, or ISAs, are a new form of student financing. ISAs don’t have interest like traditional loans. Instead, you pay back an agreed-upon percentage of your income for a fixed period of time, and you don’t start payments until you land a job.

Unlike a loan, we build in protections to make sure your payments are always affordable, and that you never pay too much. Take a look at more benefits of ISAs below.

Here are just a few of
the benefits our ISAs offer

No Job? No Payment

If school doesn't work out, you don't need to worry about paying us back. Payments also adjust with your income to stay affordable when you are employed.

Maximum Cap

When you do land your dream job, we set a limit on how much we take. Our ISAs have a hard cap, after you hit it your payments go to $0.

Fixed Payment Period

Unlike a loan ISAs don't go on forever. Once this ISA period is over your payments are over, even if you’ve paid back less than you borrowed.

No Credit Checks or Co-signers

You don’t need a credit score, co-signer, or collateral to apply. TradeUp evaluates applications on your future potential, not your past.

Deferred Payments

Sometimes, life happens - we understand. If you have an emergency or get laid off payments are paused. No fees or penalties.

No Interest, Ever

ISAs have no principal and no interest. There is no minimum amount either: you may even pay back less you initially borrowed.

Example ISA Calculator

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Program Of Study

Dental Hygienist

Income Share


ISA Length (Months)


Here's How
TradeUp Works

1: Apply

Simply fill out our questionnaire. Instead of a traditional credit check, we ask you what you school you're attending, what program you're doing, and when you graduate.

2: Approval

If your application is approved, we'll offer you ISA terms. Some schools have partnered with us for standard terms. The typical approval time is 5 business days, but some applicants are approved within an hour!

3: Funding

We send tuition directly to the school, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you are approved for a cost of living stipend, that money is sent directly to your bank account.

4: Repayment

After you’ve landed a job and the grace period passes, you’re ready to start repayment. You’ll make payments once a month. Your payments will always be proportional to your income so they’re always affordable.

we're all in this together

Who qualifies
for TradeUp?

TradeUp works specifically with students at trade and vocational schools. We believe private loans in this field just aren't meeting students' needs.

That said, we have a broad definition of what defines a trade school. If you’re not sure if your program qualifies, just apply! We work to fund as many students as possible.

we're all in this together
looking a little lost

Not sure where to start?
We’re here to help.

We're here to make sure you have as many career options as possible. If you have questions about hiring in your field, job interviews, or anything else you can think of, we can help.

We’ll connect you to people already working in your desired profession, get you internships, and provide you with career help and coaching whenever you need it.