TradeUp ISAs help your school

TradeUp helps schools
increase affordability
using turn-key financing

We use future earning potential instead of credit scores to evaluate
our student applicants, allowing your school’s track record and job
placement history to shine. Students that need aid are quickly
approved for flexible and generous terms, helping you increase
enrollment and student success.

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Why use ISAs?

We’ve heard from school after school that they primarily worry about two things: staying affordable for their students, and placing students once they graduate. TradeUp exists to solve both of those issues in a simple, effective way. Because ISAs aren’t credit based, many students qualify for TradeUp even when they are unable to get private loans. Additionally, students only make payments on their ISAs when they land jobs. We only succeed when your students do.

we're always there for you when you need it

Here's how TradeUp can help your school:

Expanded Applicant Pool

Our ISAs open the doors to a much wider applicant pool than traditional loans. Because our underwriting model is not credit-based, we can evaluate students holistically, which allows you to access a much larger pool of applicants.

Increased Enrollment

ISAs have a significantly higher average acceptance rate than traditional loans. TradeUp makes sure that you won't be turning away qualified students simply because they can't pay.

Improved Employment Outcomes

Because ISAs only pay out when students successfully place, TradeUp's incentives are aligned with yours and the students.

Diversified Student Population

Without the need for co-signers and minimum credit scores, your school can access large populations of underserved individuals who were previously unable to attend your program!

TradeUp takes care of everything!

we're always there for you when you need it
ISA Creation

We’ll create a custom ISA for each of your school's programs, based on outcome data from previous students. New program or new data? We’ll recalculate new terms!


TradeUp handles all servicing of ISAs through our platform. All your school needs to do is confirm enrollment and graduation. We take care of the rest.


We make sure that students pay the right amount via automatic income verification. Students also have access to a wide variety of payment options once they land a job.


TradeUp secures ISA funding and makes tuition payments directly to you. There’s no need to worry about finding investors, or keeping ISAs on your own balance sheet.

Key ISA Terms to Understand

Funding Amount

The tuition paid to you on behalf of students. We also provide a cost of living stipend in some cases.

Income Share

The percentage of monthly pre-tax income that a student agrees to share with us, after they graduate, for a fixed period.

ISA Length

The length of time that the ISA is active for. Unlike student loans, once this period is over an ISA simply expires.

Salary Floor

Students making below our salary floor have $0 monthly payments. Payments vary by their income.

Grace / Deferral Period

We give students a grace period to find jobs, and allow them to defer payment if unexpected circumstances ever arise.

Payment Cap

This is the maximum amount a student will ever pay us back. If payments reach this cap, the ISA terminates.

Here's our partnership process:

1) Send TradeUp Historical Outcome Data

Each school and each program will have different outcomes. We look at graduation rates, placement rates, and a few other metrics to craft a custom ISA program for your students.

2) TradeUp Creates Your Custom ISA

After we’ve received your data, we begin determining the best terms we can offer your students, as well as the disbursement schedule for their tuition.

3) We Launch and Fund Students

Once we’ve created terms for your students, we are ready to begin funding! Simply refer students to our web portal. Typically, the entire process up to this point takes under two weeks.

That's it!

We take care of everything - from servicing to collections to student outreach. TradeUp helps you focus on what you do best: teaching.