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TradeUp finances your education, so you can focus on learning.
The best part? You don’t pay back a cent until you land a great job!

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Pay your tuition without
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Life happens - we get it. Because repayments are directly tied to your income, ISAs always stay affordable. If you become unemployed, your payments stop until you find a job.

Simply put, ISAs are much more forgiving than typical student loans. Students with little or no credit history are also eligible for our ISAs. We care about your future, not your past.

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Just a few of the benefits our ISAs offer:

No Job, No Payment

If you don’t land a job making above your salary floor, your payments drop to zero. Payments also adjust with your income to stay affordable when you are employed.

Never Pay Too Much

Even if you land your dream job, there's a limit on how much you’ll pay back. Our ISAs have a hard cap, and after you hit it your ISA is over!

Fixed Payment Period

Unlike a loan, ISAs don't go on forever. Once your ISA period is over, or you've made a set number of payments your ISA is over!

No Co-signers Required

You don’t need a credit score, co-signer, or collateral to apply. TradeUp evaluates applications on your future potential, not your past.

Deferred Payments

ISAs have built in protection if you need to stop working. If you have an emergency or get laid off, payments are paused automatically. No fees and no penalties.

No Accruing Interest

ISAs have no interest and a fixed repayment. That means that, unlike student loans, the amount you owe doesn't increase over time.

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