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TradeUp Lets Schools
Accept The Best Students,
No Matter What

By using future earning potential, we want your school's track record and job placement history to shine. Students that need aid are quickly approved for flexible and generous terms, helping you increase enrollment and student success.

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Why Use ISAs?

We've heard from trade school after trade school that their students primarily worry about paying for the program and landing a job afterwards. TradeUp solves both of those issues. Because ISAs are not credit based, many TradeUp students qualify when they are unable to secure student loans. ISAs are always affordable since they scale with income, so students can rest easy.

Our ISAs only pay out when the student succeeds, so our incentives are completely aligned with your students. We only succeed when they do.

Key Terms To Understand
About ISAs

Funding Amount

The amount paid to the school on behalf of tuition. We have also occasionally provided a cost of living stipend.

Income Share

The percentage of monthly pre-tax income that a student agrees to share with us, after they graduate, for a fixed period.

ISA Length

The length of time that the ISA is active for. Unlike student loans, once this period is over, the ISA simply expires.

Grace / Deferral

We give students a grace period to find jobs, and allow them to defer payment if unexpected circumstances ever arise.

Salary Floor

Students making below our salary floor (typically $30,000) have $0 monthly payments. We vary payments by your income.

Payment Cap

This is the maximum amount a student will ever pay us back. If payments reach this cap, the ISA terminates.

Here's How Our
Partnerships Work

1:You Send Us Historical Data

Each school and each program will have different data on outcomes. We look at graduation rates, placement rates, and a few other metrics to craft a custom ISA program for your students.

2:We Create Your Custom ISA Program

After we’ve received your data, we begin determining the best terms we can offer your students as well as the disbursement schedule for their tuition.

3:We Launch & Run The Program

Once we’ve created terms for your students, we are ready to begin funding! Simply refer students to our web portal. Typically, the entire process up to this point takes under two weeks.

4:That's It.

We take care of everything - from servicing to collections to student outreach. We aim to help you focus on what you do best: teaching.

What We Bring To The Table

Future-Focused Underwriting

We base TradeUp acceptances primarily off of students' future earning potential, not their credit score. This allows us to accept a more diverse set of students.

Strong Customer Support

We only succeed when your students and your program succeed. We have 24-hour live chat on our website, and a strong company focus on customer support and success.

Fully Customized Solutions

Every school's needs are different. No two TradeUp programs are the same, as we've worked with everything from historical data to new programs to externships. Talk to us about your school's needs: we really listen.

Let's Fund The Future Together