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Get The Education
You Need, Don’t Pay
Until You Land A Job

We think your future potential is a better metric than your credit history. We help you land better, flexible trade school financing based on your program of study, helping you reach your next goal.

Applying does not impact your credit score
we're all in this together

Get Funding That
Works With You

Life happens, we get it. Because repayments are directly tied to your income they always stays manageable. If you become unemployed your payments stop until you find another job.

Simply put, ISAs are much more forgiving than typical student loans. Students with little or no credit history are also eligible for our ISAs. We care about your future, not your past.

Here are just a few of
the benefits our ISAs offer

No Job? No Payment

If school doesn't work out, we don't want you to worry about paying us back. Payments adjust with your income to stay affordable.

Maximum Cap

When you do land your dream job, we don't want to take all your earnings. ISAs have a hard cap, after which we consider you square.

Fixed Payment Period

Unlike a loan, ISAs don't go on forever. Once it expires, your payments are over, even if you’ve paid back less than you borrowed.

No Credit Checks or Co-signers

You don’t need a credit score, co-signer, or collateral to apply. TradeUp invests in your future potential, not your past history.

Deferred Payments

Sometimes, life happens - we understand. If you have an emergency or get laid off, payments are paused. No fees or penalties.

No Interest, Ever

ISAs have no principal and no interest. There is no minimum amount either: you may even pay back less you initially borrowed.

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Let's Fund Your Future Together